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A new church coming to Brownsburg March 3rd, 2024!

Our Beliefs

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A Disciple at Reliant

We think as you look through scripture there are 3 key roles that are reflected in every healthy disciple who is "living RELIANT on Jesus every day".

Vertical Worshiper

Valuable Servant

Vocational Missionary

Why Brownsburg?
Why Brownsburg?

Did you know over 1 million people do not affiliate with any religion in the Indy metro area? You could fill the 250,000-seat capacity Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) 4 TIMES OVER! Of those who profess to be Christians in the Indy area, 1 out of 5 attend a Bible-saturated, gospel-centered church.

The single most effective way to reach people who do not know Jesus while maturing and multiplying disciples is through planting new churches! That’s why we are planting Reliant Church in Brownsburg, IN in 2024.

Roughly 17 miles northwest of Indianapolis, Brownsburg is one of the fastest-growing communities in the state of Indiana and was recently voted the #1 Midwest suburb by SmartAsset. At Reliant Church, our ambition is to be a family of disciple-makers living RELIANT on Jesus every day.

As we rely daily on Jesus through His Word, His people, and the Holy Spirit, the overflow of this relationship leads us to enter into other people’s lives. Our goal is to help them know and follow Jesus (evangelism) and teach others to obey His commands (discipleship).


James 5:16

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Zechariah 4:6

We value your commitment to give a one-time gift or establish a multi-year partnership as we move toward sustainability.


Matthew 28:18-20

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